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72 Research Paper Topics of All Kinds for Your Consideration

July 23, 2020
Research Paper Topics for Students

Research papers are college professors’ favorites. You would not find a better option to text so many student’s skills on several levels at once. The opportunity to check the knowledge level comes by default in this case as well. It is the reason why the grades you get for research papers are essential for the final score. No one can afford to fail this test. Hence, numerous guides and manuals of writing research papers are always popular.

A research paper is a demanding task, and your success will depend on many conditions. It will be about matching academic criteria, proving original ideas and conclusions, your language, and so on. The necessary condition is the right choice of good topics for a research paper. When you have the question that is interesting to you and appealing to your audience, it will be a great plus in your favor.

In this article, Write My Papers 4 me writers present a collection of different research paper topics for your consideration. But let’s first see how to select an exciting and winning idea for your paper.

What is a Good Research Paper and Which are the Criteria of Quality?

The main requirement is the quality of the investigation. It is impossible to get away with shallow research on some subject and a couple of sources if you need high grades. Your professors evaluate captiously how in-depth your inquiry is and if your theories and conclusions are persuasive.

Guidelines on how to write a research paper always stress that you have to consider your audience. Note that your professor is that audience as well. Thus, let’s think of features that your tutors want to see in the research paper:

  • the paper must match the subject and the topic precisely. It seems obvious, but still;
  • it has to be your own research. You are supposed to either offer a theory or to test an existing one; Otherwise, the paper won’t have the “research” value at all, and the tutors won’t accept it;
  • the topic should be innovative.  Your research should have some real value, and it is possible if only you introduce some new information or interpretation;
  • it must be original. You need to provide your own statements and conclusions, and your work must include unique content;
  • your work must be valid and accurate in all details;
  • last but not least, you have to write it in an academic style.

In general, all these criteria are natural, and you are more than capable of matching them. Thus, we can proceed to the next stage and define what is a good research topic.

Features to Consider When Choosing the Right Research Paper Topic

As a rule, you have to compose research papers on subjects you learn during this course. The tutor may assign a topic to you or offer several themes to choose from. Or, you might have the freedom to formulate it yourself. Actually, there is always a possibility to find beneficial research ideas. We’ll give you some hints that will help you to make the right choice. Here they are:

  • personal interest is the most significant factor in choosing the research topic. In-depth researches take much time, and not all of them are engaging. There will be a lot of routine in this assignment. However, personal interest is an excellent motivation that helps to keep the focus;
  • good research topics should match your capabilities. Some questions can be really appealing to you. Still, the proper researches might demand too many resources that you might not possess. Think this problem over, if you can perform the task within the period given and with the quality you want. It’s great to be ambitious, but sometimes it would be better to play safe and choose a more “user-friendly” suggestion to complete. You can save the “topic of your dream” for the future and turn it into the coursework or dissertation;
  • there should be enough trustworthy sources for the topics to research. It is a mandatory condition, as you have to present yourself as an expert. A study that is based on a couple of articles without a robust evidence base won’t be worth desired grades;
  • the research paper topics should be current. It is excellent if you want to research some rarer subjects, and you can engage your audience too. Still, in other cases, it would be better to choose something actual and burning. First, your audience, most likely, will know about that issue, and you’ll provoke their reaction easier. Next, there will be much more up-to-date sources;
  • consider your audience when you choose the research paper ideas. Estimate their backgrounds, their knowledge on the problem, and their faiths. You should not take subjects that can be abusive to those people. Also, you need to be sure that your audience possesses the necessary information to apprehend your research results. Though you can provide the required information in the paper’s introduction, it will work for the prepared audience. If they are not aware of the questions you examine at all, your writing can’t impress them as you need.

As you see, the choice of the research paper topic is critical for your success. So, note the above hints and choose wisely. Below we’ll offer some suggestions for the topics, and we hope you’ll find them useful.

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Choose the Research Paper Topic on Many Themes

There are many types of such topics that you can select depending on your academic level and personal preferences. Though there is a separate section for “high school” topics, it does not mean you can’t choose any other one if you are not a college student and vice versa. It will depend on how well you can do this job, not on the classification.

We’ve collected research paper topics for many subjects. The goal is simple: they should be interesting both for you and your audience. So, have a look at the below research topic list and take any topic as is, or alter it.

Good Topics for Research Papers

  1. The minorities’ representation in the mass culture in the 20th and 21st centuries.
  2. The feminists’ agenda in modern science fiction novels.
  3. The causes of the public shooting problem.
  4. The power of propaganda in the modern world.
  5. Depression is a world problem.
  6. The impact of psychological stress on physical health.
  7. The problem of the “glass ceiling” for women.
  8. Corruption problem in the Olympics.

Interesting Topics for Research Paper

  1. Religion in the modern era.
  2. Efficient methods of fighting corruption.
  3. Mass culture and high art: they can be closer than we think.
  4. New risks that digital technologies provoked.
  5. The causes and results of the Cold War.
  6. The role of Ancient Greece in the development of European culture.
  7. The most outstanding women of the Middle Ages.
  8. The role of governments of different countries in fighting the global warming problem.

Easy Suggestions for Research Paper

  1. The rise of comic book movies to the new dominants of the movie industry.
  2. Which factors contribute to different sports’ popularity?
  3. What makes a perfect sports ambassador?
  4. The teenage music stars phenomena.
  5. Which factors made it possible for the children-actors to switch successfully to the adult acting careers?
  6. Friends vs. Family – which relationships are stronger?
  7. The role of physical attractiveness in life success.
  8. Fanfiction as the means of arguing with the author.

Topics for College Students Researches

  1. The problem of sexual harassment in colleges.
  2. Should the top-level sportsmen get benefits during the college studies?
  3. The question of cheating on exams: ways to cheat and means to fight it.
  4. The problem of race discrimination in universities.
  5. Did we become too dependent on digital technologies?
  6. The ways to achieve true gender equality.
  7. The social changes caused by technological development.
  8. Methods of self-motivation. 

High School Topics for Research Paper

  1. Online learning as the future favorite in education. 
  2. Which factors influence the choice of the college.
  3. How to fight stress in high school?
  4. The problem of bullying in school and how to fight it.
  5. Dress code or casual style?
  6. The impact of volunteering on personal development.
  7. The moral authorities and role models for high school students.
  8. Part-time jobs in high school.
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Entertaining Topics of Researches

  1. Traditional celebrating of Halloween in the USA.
  2. The positive side of coffee addiction.
  3. Should the cybersport champions get benefits when enrolling in the college?
  4. Historical anecdotes and their real grounds.
  5. What makes stupid videos viral?
  6. The influence of celebrities on the mass culture.
  7. What is the representation of the social trends in the most popular video games?
  8. The reasons for MCU box office dominance.

Questioning Topics of Research Papers

  1. How can the legacy of a great artist impact world culture?
  2. Is organic food usefulness a myth?
  3. Is there a fashion for diets for losing weight?
  4. What is the intergenerational conflict between the current teenagers and their parents?
  5. Do elderly people really have more experience to judge others?
  6. Can we state that some nations are more talented and laborious?
  7. Which methods are most efficient in raising awareness about vaccination?
  8. Can one person determine the course of history?

Cool Research Papers’ Topics

  1. The theory of creationism in the 21st century.
  2. Should we equip school teachers with guns?
  3. Aesthetics vs. Practical value.
  4. The consequences of the USA interfering in other states’ policies.
  5. What are the modern cults and how to fight them?
  6. How can the Ph.D. degree affect your career?
  7. The scientific breakthroughs that changed the world.
  8. The problem of plagiarism in literature.

Popular Ideas for Research Papers

  1. Should we bring gender studies to the list of mandatory courses for any college?
  2. The role of globalization in modern American culture.
  3. The digital security breaches.
  4. The real prospects of green energy.
  5. Personal safety on the Web.
  6. The best educational systems in the world.
  7. The prospect of Artificial Intelligence.
  8. Gender stereotypes in mass media.


The choice of an exciting and beneficial topic is critical, and the right choice will help you significantly. However, it is only the first stage.

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