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How to Use ASA Format – Detailed Guidelines

June 26, 2021

Any academic paper should follow certain formatting rules and peculiarities. But the problem is that not many students know how to use them. They get lost in hundreds of requirements and fail to deliver a good result. That is what this ASA style guide is for.

Our team is always ready to answer all your questions and will teach you how to format your paper using this style. Below you will not only find out the answer to the question ‘What is ASA?’ but will also learn the tips on formatting every part of a paper. Continue reading and get familiar with the most detailed guidelines that experts have prepared for you!

When to Use It?

ASA Citation Format is an abbreviation for the American Sociological Association. It is a style used to create academic papers and research assignments in sociology. The ASA style concerns in-text citations, bibliography, footnotes, and other elements on an academic assignment.

Students who are studying sociology or are planning to do it should read this style guide attentively. experts have collected the latest requirements and guidelines to help you use this style with ease. Let’s get started!

Common Requirements

Like any other style, the American Sociological Association format or simply ASA has a unique set of requirements concerning everything in your work. The basic features of the ASA paper format are: 

  • It should be used in social sciences;
  • There should be a running head, a brief title’s version. It is written in capital letters, flush right, and be maximum of 50 characters long;
  • Page numbers flush left and go in Arabic numbers;
  • 1” margins;
  • Times New Roman font;
  • 12 pt. font size;
  • Double spaces along with the text.

Main ASA Rules You Need to Know

Now you know that the sociological association format is used for all types of papers, whether these are cover letters, essays, or theses. Below we will discuss how to apply ASA Citation Format in different parts of the text. experts have done impressive work to give you only the most relevant information, so read attentively and don’t forget to make notes along the way!

Title Page

In an American sociological association or ASA format, there should be a title page that includes the title of the work, your name, and the name of the institution. You should also indicate a running head (maximum 50 characters) and a full word count (including footnotes and ASA referencing page). 

There should also be a title footnote that includes the corresponding author’s address, funding, and other acknowledgments. The ASA citation style requires placing an asterisk by the title to highlight that there is a title footnote on a page. That’s all about the title page ASA formatting.

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If your research paper requires an abstract and you are asked to use the ASA citing format, it should be situated on a separate page after the title page. When applying the ASA style guide, you must keep the abstract not longer than 150 – 200 words.

When you want to use ASA for this section, consider it a brief press release. Don’t spend too much time on this section because there are lots of other in-text citations ASA requirements you should meet.


When learning how to cite in ASA, you might have questions on keywords. ASA format citation requires to indicate 3-5 keywords on the abstract page. According to Purdue OWL and ASA writing style, this section will highlight the main topics of your work. No other specific ASA format citation requirements concerning keywords.

And now, experts will tell you about ASA format for the in-text citation.


According to the ASA or American sociological association citation, texts should be in a 12-pt Times New Roman font and with double spaces in between. In the official ASA citation guide.

You will see that the margins should be 1 ¼ on all sides. 

Subheadings, according to the ASA format in-text citation, are divided into three levels. First are in all caps, second and third – italicized. You can use an ASA format generator if the text contains too many headings.

Footnotes and Endnotes

Now you know what is ASA citation and how to use it in text, so now let us discuss ASA formatting applied to footnotes and endnotes. You should use one or another during the text. They should be no longer than 100 words.

According to the ASA format, they should be numbered with Arabic numerals. ASA footnotes must be located at the bottom of the page and endnotes – at the end of the work.

Bibliography or Reference List

In an ASA format, the page with used sources is called the ASA reference page. All resources should be double-spaced, and the ASA references contain the first name and surname of all authors. Initials can be used only if the author has also used them. 

Here is an example of an ASA reference format: 

Smith, Robert. 2011. A guide to APA and ASA citations. New York: Publisher.

Writing an Essay In ASA: Tips from experts

The ASA style uses an author-date format for citation in text. After an introduction to the quote, add parentheses with the author’s name and publication year. According to the ASA citation in text requirements, you can also add a page number after a colon.

For example:

‘Formatting style is an important part of any writing’ (Williams 2011:10) 

If you use several works of the same author that were published the same year, use letters after the year. 

For example, (Williams 2011a:10). 

If there are several authors in references with the same last name, add initials to the citation. For example, (A. Williams 2011:10).

ASA vs APA – What’s the Difference?

At, we are often asked what is the main difference between an APA and ASA style because both of them are used in sociology. ASA style is rather similar to APA, and the main similarity is that they both use parenthetical referencing. Also, all entries are indicated in References and not in Bibliography or Works Cited. You can read about these issues in our American sociological association style guide above.

We Are Here to Help with ASA Formatting

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We hope that these guidelines on how to do ASA citation were useful, and now you know everything about this formatting style!