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Research Paper: How to Write a Good Research (Tips and Ideas)

February 12, 2020
How to Write a Good Research

Research papers are college favorites. To create a good research paper, you need to explore the topic thoroughly, collect lots of data, analyze them, offer the thesis statement, and prove it. It demands serious efforts and dedication from your side to work independently on the problem. If you do the job well, you get excellent grades and a boost for your reputation. Good researchers are always valued.

But it is not easy to write a research essay. The task is complex, and there are lots of requirements for both the contents and the format. That’s why we at the writing service Write My Papers 4 Me made this article. Here we’ll tell you how to prepare this paper, step by step. Stay here, and we’ll share all the tips that might be useful.

What is the Definition of a Research Paper?

To understand how to write a research paper, you need to understand what this type of assignment is, and how it differs from the other kinds of academic papers.

Besides, there are two concepts – a research paper and a research proposal. It is easy to get confused and, what is more dangerous – to make a mistake.

These papers have different goals:

  • The research proposal must persuade that it worth doing the research;
  • The research paper must present the knowledge and logical conclusions you got from that research.
  • The research proposal is the idea, and the research paper is the result.

Thus, a research paper is a presentation of some ideas that are based on meticulous researches.

In comparison with other college papers, this one has some peculiarities:

  • Larger size. It’s lengthier than the usual essays, reports, and reviews;
  • The focus is on practical results and novelty. You should present new information to prove that your research is useful;
  • Your own researches. Of course, you can, and you should refer to the established sources as well. But your own materials and conclusions are more valuable.
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How to Write a Research Paper Step by Step?

Writing research papers is similar to other writing essay tasks you get in college. But many students still have issues with this duty. In this section, we want to describe step by step how to write a research paper – how to get prepared, what to pay attention to when you collect the data, and how to analyze them.

Step 1 – Everything starts with getting a topic for the writing assignment

If you have the right to choose it yourself – it is the best trump card you might get. Most likely, you have some subjects and topics that inspire you. And you would love to learn more about them and tell other people. Every job is more exciting if you feel for it.

But even if your tutor specified the topic for you, you should be able to choose the aspect of the general theme. Or, you could narrow it to some definite subject that attracts you.

Step 2 – Do your investigation

It is the essence of what is a research paper – the thorough exploration of some subject done by you personally. The goal is to collect the data on the topic and find the patterns. They become the building materials for theory, and the evidence will support it.

Note that the recent researches that you run yourself can be even more essential that the authoritative sources. Run polls, take interviews, investigate the statistics yourself – these are the methods to establish you as the researcher with your scholarly voice.

As for the other sources like books, journal articles, lectures, videos, etc. – pay all the attention to their credibility. To write a good research paper, you need to rest on the strong pillars. One of the best means is to track the current scientific debates and note how the participants defend their opinions.

Step 3 – Formulate the thesis statement

You’ve gathered a lot of data and analyzed them, so you are ready to offer the claim based on the results of your investigation. The thesis statement is the cornerstone of the paper, and the rest will depend on it.

Step 4 – Compose the research paper outline

When you deal with a lengthy assignment and strict requirements, it is vital to have a proper framework. It is the way to organize your thoughts and define the best way to use the evidence.

Generally, the frame is the ‘vision’ of the whole essay, where you can understand the sequence of fragments and the logical connections. As you are doing scientific work, you have to make the research paper structure clear and precise.

The outline gives you this possibility, as you can even visually track how the fragments match each other, and how they relate to the thesis statement. 

Step 5 – Important parts of paper

Write the paper basing on the three-parts scheme: the Introduction, the Body, and the Conclusion. All guidelines recommend starting with the Body at once, as it is precisely the job you are doing. You present the information and the results of your researches, evaluate other sources, describe the patterns you’ve defined. And to give the appropriate ‘framing,’ you have to apprehend the full material.

  • In the Body section, you should expose your statements. At the beginning of the part, you should describe the context of your work, and then focus on your claims. Each paragraph needs its own opening sentence to explain what it will tell about briefly, and the mini-conclusion as the final sentence. Depending on the length of the work, you can dedicate a different volume to support each statement. It can take from a couple of paragraphs to full-size chapters. Note that the logical connections must be direct and sequential.

  • When the major part of the work is complete, think of the research paper Introduction. Now you know what you talk about and how, and which are the essential points. Thus, you can define how you would lead the readers or listeners to the information. Note that the Introduction must set the tone for the paper – relate it to the mood you’ve chosen for the Body.

  • The Conclusion part should sum up the information from the Body. Also, you need to relate it to the Introduction. You should not paraphrase the opening, though. The best structure would be ‘I wanted to explain/prove something, and I did it thanks to my research, this way. Now we can go further from it.’

Step 6 – Revision is the mandatory part of your work.

When the text is done, let yourself have some rest for at least a couple of hours. Or better leave it for the night and get back to the text on the next morning.

Read the research paper thoroughly and edit it. Clarify the vague issues, remove the unnecessary fragments, paraphrase, or delete the awkward sentences. Correct all the errors. And it would be excellent if you can repeat this editing for a couple of times with the intervals.

Here are a few examples to help you better understand what the paper format should be, how to create an outline, and how to write good research paper.

Research Paper Writing: Useful Tips

Writing a research paper can be tricky – the writer’s block is not a rare thing. That’s why many tips focus on helping the author to overcome the initial stumbling. So, let’s also have a look at the conditions that can hamper the writing process at any of its stages. We can solve them together.

What are Some Good Research Topics?

We’ve already mentioned the importance of having a good topic. For the writer, it means the difference between excitement and fighting with boredom.

There is a couple of classic rules:

  • Choose the topic you know well, or at least want to know well;
  • Make sure that the issue is actual and will be attractive to the audience;
  • Consider the reaction of the readers or listeners – are they prepared appropriately to understand what you want to tell them, and how will they feel about your ideas?

If you are still not sure about what to refer to choose a proper topic, the below variants might be useful. You may get inspiration from them and formulate another question, or take some of them to do the research:

  1. Choose a famous artist and describe the impact of that artist’s works on society.
  2. The portrayal of sexism in movies in historical context.
  3. Which factors let China become the dominant player in the world’s economy?
  4. Describe the history of the USA and China relationship.
  5. Does same-sex education affect the results?
  6. Do the students who study remotely and the students who live on campus score equally in education?
  7. How can we stop school bullying?
  8. Did the increased security measures make life safer?
  9. Can we justify censorship on any occasion?
  10. What is the power of the Catholic church now?

How to Write the Title of a Research Paper?

The title is the first thing that your audience learns about the research paper. That’s why it is crucial to provide a successful title. The general rules are:

  • The title has to explain the theme and the focus of the paper;
  • The size of the title is up to 15 meaningful words;
  • It should not include word constructions like “research on” – concentrate on the topic instead;
  • The title can be a narrative sentence or a question;
  • You can create the title at any stage of writing – you will form it when you realize what exactly you research.

What are the Steps to Write a Thesis Statement?

The thesis statement is the obligatory part that must be in any college paper. As you use it as the basis for the work, you need to make it understandable and strict.

  • Consider the topic of your work and define what exactly aspects interest you;
  • Think about the direction of research – why are you searching for this information, and what you want to prove;
  • When you understand the ideas you want to research, you can write them down;
  • Formulate the thesis statements with these ideas.

You may change the thesis statement if the results of researches disprove your initial assumptions.  

How to Start a Research Paper?

Indeed, this is the most usual trouble that is waiting for the authors. We were in this situation as well: looking at the empty page and fighting the distractions.

The solution of how to start writing a research paper can be simple: just start writing anything:

  • Don’t try to follow the outline at the beginning;
  • Write down the sentences from even the middle of the work as you imagine it.

The goal is to get into the ‘flow’ and catch the rhythm. After that, the writing process will become easier.

How to Write a Research Paper Fast?

Everyone has their own comfortable temp of writing. Besides, may students even find that you can write faster when you must do it.

The key is preparation and outline. When you become an expert on the topic and form the plan for the paper in detail, you can ’embody’ it in your mind. When you understand it in every aspect and even know which phrases and words you will use for it – you can sit and write it down quickly. This will be like writing according to your own dictation.

Actually, these recommendations describe how to write a successful research paper on any topic. Knowing the subject and understanding what you want to prove is vital. And, of course, you have to improve your writing skills and train yourself in free writing. It is the exercise to get used to composing texts. 

But if the circumstances are such that you can’t complete the paper yourself on time, our professional service can resolve this for you. We offer the research paper for sale, so you can get the work done for you. An excellently written and formatted text on your subject, and all you need is only to order it.