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Mastering the Art of Essay Writing: How to Write An Explanatory Essay?

December 9, 2019
Explanatory Essay: How to Write an Essay that Everyone Likes?

Writing an expository, or explanatory essay might be one of the assignments to write. It might either describe the event that has taken place, or the point of view of yourself or someone else. Instead of debating and criticizing the information, you just explain it in a natural way for a reader to understand it. Therefore, it’s important to know what are the basics of writing a good explanatory essay. 

What is an Explanatory Essay?

Let’s figure out what is an expository essay and how it should be written.

The explanatory essay is such a writing type when the writer describes a certain event, situation, or topic, representing some point of view. However, sometimes you might not agree with this opinion, but there has to be some logic and research.

First of all, the writer chooses a topic. Secondly, he or she defines the approach from a certain perspective on this topic. This perspective might be rather complicated, living a place for the audience to discuss it. The author should explain the opinion and reasons why such a solution has been provided.

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To write a good explanatory essay, the author shouldn’t criticize any of the perspectives or debate against somebody’s point of view. On the contrary, the writer should present a neutral point of view, based on logical the-theory and deep analysis of the research.

The main target is to explain why things happened the way they happened, without being subjectivized. In the aftermath, the reader should get your way of the explanation of a certain idea, even if they disagree with it. 

Writing an Explanatory Essay: Preparation 

outline and structure of an explanatory essay

Before you begin to write anything, do scrutinize the research and collect the information. Make sure your opinion is a mix of your personal ideas and collected data. This is the only way for your point of view to be validated adequately. Therefore, find as many facts as you can to back up your ideas and thoughts.

The next thing you will have to do is to generate a strong thesis statement. A good thesis statement is a concise way of presentation of the main idea that will guide the reader throughout the entire paper. Bear in mind that you have to present facts merely and not debate or criticize the opinion of anyone else. As soon as these steps are done, you can produce the outline of your paper. 

Explanatory Essay Outline and Structure

The size of the explanatory essay outline depends on the data that you are trying to present and the length of the topic. Nevertheless, the explanatory essay format demands the essay to be one page or two in size, meaning, the total length of the essay will be five paragraphs. 

The introduction should consist of the subject to discuss and a strong explanatory thesis statement. The main body part should include the supporting sentences to the thesis statement, containing statistics, facts, and logic. The conclusion is the last part of the explanatory essay that contains a brief summary of all the main claims of the essay and a concluding statement. Let’s review the following parts in more detail.


There are three main components of every good explanatory essay introduction. First of all, there is a hook statement, the main purpose of which is to make the audience interested in the topic of the essay. It might be either an interesting quote or fact, whatever to draw the reader’s attention. Secondly, provide the audience with solid background information, which is not just common knowledge. Thirdly, include the explanatory thesis statement, which will be like a guide for your reader throughout the essay. As a result, there will not be any confusion about the body, and the reader will remain focused on the thesis.

Main body

The body of the explanatory essay should consist of three paragraphs so that every point is revealed in each paragraph. Each paragraph should contain the topic sentence where the information is explained. Then there should be a point of view, which supports the thesis statement. Afterward, you should present the reader with the pieces of evidence from your research. It will strengthen your position. At the end of the paragraph, include the transition or a summarized idea about the element of the thesis statement. Follow the same approach each time you write a body paragraph. 


A good conclusion should consist of three main components, writing an explanatory essay. First and foremost, you should restate the thesis statement. It will not only enforce your opinion but also draws the reader’s attention back to your main focus. Secondly, you should write a brief summary of each point revealed in the main body. The importance of each point should be restated. In other words, your explanatory thesis should be logically defended in this part of the paper. Finally, you should provide the reader with a solid conclusive statement. Here is the time to review the thesis statement from the global perspective and evaluate it. Your reader should be left willing to take action or with inspiration to study the topic themselves.  

3 Interesting Explanatory Essay Topics

You can describe almost every topic in the explanatory essay. Here are some of the examples of topics to be described in the explanatory essay:

1.    What were the main reasons for the American Civil War? Beginning with slavery and ending up with state rights, the question arises: how did it happen?

2.  What is the impact of depression on children and teenagers? There are many various effects of depression on people. From physical ones to mood swings, this is a massive question that needs to be answered.

3.    What are the main negative and positive effects of social media on people? Nowadays the use of social media is huge. On the one hand, it empowers people to reflect their thoughts freely, but are there any negative sides?

How to Write an Explanatory Essay Step by Step

When writing an explanatory essay, the writer should provide the reader with information, but not impose his or her opinion.

A good explanatory essay should be written, following these steps:

 1. Choose the right topic

Make sure you will be able to present the topic in a detailed manner after doing some research. To find the best topic, you can surf the net or grab a topic from a newspaper or magazine. You can find a strong foundation in these sources.

2. Follow the rules of explanatory essay type

Your main target is not to convince the reader to take your opinion. You should write in the form of a discussion, not trying to sway the reader. If you follow the rules of an explanatory style, your professor will be sure you understood the concept clearly.

3. Grab as many facts as possible

The best way to write an explanatory essay is to find many facts, statistics, and other reasons to support your thesis statement. Everything should be presented in a logical order. As soon as the reasoning is strong, the essay will be evaluated with high scores. 

4. Compose a proper outline

It might seem an unnecessary thing to do, but if you do it, you will organize your ideas in a logical chain. So the reasons will follow one another smoothly and naturally. 

5. Include your thesis statement in the introduction

Place your main idea in the beginning sentence and clarify your point of view. Use as many pieces of information as possible to draw the reader’s attention and keep them focused.

6. Compose the main body

Make sure you included two or three paragraphs in the main body of your essay. The main purpose of each paragraph is to support the claim of the thesis statement, providing the facts and other pieces of evidence.

7. Write a solid conclusion

The conclusion should be restating the main idea revealed in the thesis statement. To add more, it is possible to write about the importance and significance of the topic in this part. 

8. Proofread the entire essay

Reread your explanatory paper, trying to find any grammatical, syntax, or punctuation mistakes. Sometimes it will be better to take a break for a few days and go back to your paper to get a fresh look over some points and errors. 

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All things considered, a good explanatory essay should have a proper structure. Each element of this structure should be logically connected with other elements, making a solid case for discussion.

Here are the topics for such an essay, presented below.

  • How to buy a good car?
  • Advantages of eating green vegetables.
  • Pros for meditation.
  • Seven methods to save energy.
  • The best way to learn a foreign language.

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