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Cause and Effect Essay Assignment: How to Cope with it Easily

July 16, 2020
Cause and Effect Essay Assignment

The smith lacks just one nail, and it launches the long chain of unlucky events resulting in a defeat in the battle. Tracking and understanding of the cause and effect relations are essential for the intellectual development of any person. The essays are perfect for this. They encourage your independent researches, boost your creativity, and exercise logical analysis skills. Many specific essay kinds target certain logical operations, for instance, the compare and contrast essay. However, another kind will work much better, that is the cause and effect essay type.   

We at know much about this assignment, and that’s why we’ve written this article. We’ll tell you how to write a cause essay and succeed.

What is a Cause and Effect Essay?

And why college professors favor it so much?

The name of the essay says for itself: it is an essay where you have to investigate some situation or event and define the relationship between its “sources” and “incomes.” So, if you are still unsure of what is cause and effect writing and why you need to do it, the answer is simple. It is the best exercise you can find.

The cause is the object or event that changes the environment. The effect is the result of the cause’s existence. The streak of lightning causes the bushfire; the fire exceeds and threatens large areas. The world, as we perceive it, is a chain of consequences. We can plan and develop because of tracking and understanding these connections only.

Further, we’ll describe in detail how to write a cause and effect essay.

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The Process of Writing a Cause and Effect Essay

No matter if you have to compose an explanatory essay or a more extensive paper, you will need to pass several steps. They are essential for organizing the whole process on how to write a good cause and effect essay.

The Choice of the Right Topic

Essays that research causes and effects affiliation often deal with history. There you can examine the context and define the driving forces in each case. Also, this assignment is popular for investigating the origins of current events and trends. No matter which field you will explore, you will need a topic that brings you advantages.

  • select the topic that is interesting for you. It will be encouraging and make your researches more exciting;
  • give preference to the topics referring to the actual ideas – your public will respond to them better;
  • evaluate your capabilities honestly. The topic should be the one you can cope with successfully.

Some samples of the cause and effects topics ideas:

  1. The Indian caste system in the 21st century.  
  2. Political driving forces causing Brexit.
  3. The tremendous technical leap of the 20th century.
  4. The origins of revolutions in Europe in the 21st century.
  5. The impact of social networks on the personal relationship.
  6. The causes of the traditional family model change.
  7. What causes domestic violence in Western culture?
  8. The driving forces of Facebook dominance.
  9. The reasons of sexism issues.
  10. How could actors and actresses turn to role models?

Doing Researches on the Topic

Working in the task on how to start a cause and effect essay, you remember that the first stage is research.

Your essay should produce some claim and prove it. You might already determine that claim or formulate it during the researches on the topic. As for the data collection and analysis, the main requirement is their reliability.

Refer to the scholarly recognized publications. You might use academic works on history and sociology. One of the valuable sources will be the stats reports, as you can track the basic patterns leading form the cause to the consequences in them.

Working Out the Outline of an Essay

When you need to know how to write a cause and effect essay step by step, you will always find recommendations on making an outline. It is vital to organize its elements in a precise structure and ensure making exact logical connections between all segments. For this reason, you need an outline.

Essay outlines are an exceptional means of “sketching” the paper. With their help, you can do the following:

  • define the central “plotline” of your essay and organize the elements according to that line;
  • define the statements for each meaningful section (paragraph);
  • match the evidence to the comments;
  • organize the items in the right order;
  • ensure logical connections between all the parts and relate them to the main thesis statement;
  • develop transitions to tie the elements in one whole.

The Three-Part Essay Structure and How to Fulfill its Requirements

Any essay has to match the strict structure: the introduction part, the Body of an essay, and the conclusion. All research papers are organized this way.

The Introduction is the opening part that takes about 10-15% of the whole essay text. Though it is relatively small, all essay writing manuals claim it is the most critical part of the work. The introduction of a cause and effect essay should explain to the audience what your composition is about and why they should care.

  • the Introduction should present the topic: you define the object/event you examine, its cause, and the later effects it had;
  • you need to give your audience all the additional data to apprehend your research results and statements – explain the terms and methods. This way, you help the public to follow your plotline;
  • the thesis statement is a fundamental part of the cause and effect essay. It presents the central idea that you want to explore and prove by evidence and your own logical conclusions. The thesis statement must be present at the end of the introductory part – it serves as a bridge to the body section.

The major part of the essay is the Body. It consists of several paragraphs. Their number will depend on your goals.

  • each of the sections must be a complete piece with its own central idea and mini-conclusions;
  • you should dedicate definite paragraphs to the causes and effects and expose them separately;
  • the last paragraph of the Body takes both the causes and consequences and defines how they correlate;
  • the causes and effects must match the right order: the reason first, the result next;
  • make sure that you can always prove that any event was caused by the particular preceding issue, and it was the consequence, not a coincidence.

The Conclusion part is the ending of an essay. You need to summarize the results of your researches and restate the thesis once again. However, the main goal of the conclusion is to stress the importance of your work and relate it to the broader problem area.

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More Useful Tips for Your Cause and Effect Essay

  • match the formatting style requirements. Refer to academic manuals and check your in-text citations and bibliography;
  • a cause and effect essay should be written in a clear and concise language. Use reliable grammar checkers and the thesaurus to check the definitions of words and find synonyms for standard terms;
  • revise the essay later. The best way is to leave it overnight and re-read it in the morning with a fresh eye and mind;
  • show your essay to parents or other writers to get feedback on the quality.

Writing cause and effect essay can be exciting if you work on an interesting topic and want genuinely to share your ideas with the audience. But if you have any trouble with this task – a writer’s block, or lack of time, or anything else – our essay writing services can help you.

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