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4 Main Types of Essays: Everything You Need to Know

May 12, 2021
types of essays

To be the best student at school, college, university, you need to know all about the different types of essays and writing rules. Teachers rarely set specific goals for students when choosing an essay style, but you must learn to choose the one that best suits the topic. Thanks to this knowledge, you will build the correct structure, and experts are ready to help you with this.

Today, many linguists argue about which types of essays should be considered the main ones and classify them. If you follow the assumptions of authoritative writers, then there are four classifications of papers:

  • narrative essays;
  • descriptive essays;
  • expository essays;
  • persuasive essays

If you learn to understand the styles and know everything about them, you will always compose a logical text. Let’s take a look at the essence and structure of the four essays together. Thanks to our advice, you will not have any difficulties with anything and create the perfect text in a couple of hours.

Why is Learning to Write Essays Important?

Why be able to write essays? How often does every student ask himself this question? Composing is a beneficial exercise that develops writing, spelling, and punctuation literacy. It is also a useful exercise because people communicate verbally and in writing, and you need to be able to formulate and arrange your thoughts consistently. Also, each type of essay has its requirements, and not knowing about them is a guarantee of a wrong assessment.

If you can’t cope with such an assignment, don’t worry! We provide essay writing help from experienced professionals. The writers are well versed in all academic assignments and are ready to advise you at any moment. Their abilities will make you a better student and prove to the strict teacher that you are ready for the written assignments.

Requirements for Various Types of Essays

It doesn’t matter which kinds of essays you choose. General requirements apply to all:

  • the volume should be 1-2 pages of text (120-200 words);
  • the essay should be perceived as a complete work, the idea of ​​which is clear and understandable;
  • each paragraph of the essay reveals one thought;
  • keep it short and clear. The essay should not contain anything superfluous. It should only carry the information necessary to reveal the essay’s idea, the author’s position;
  • the paper should have a clear compositional structure, be logical in structure, and contain a thesis statement. The essay should trace the internal logic, determined, on the one hand, by the author’s approach to the issue under discussion, and on the other, by the question itself. It is necessary to avoid sharp jumps from one idea to another. The thought should be revealed consistently;
  • your document should show that the author knows and intelligently applies theoretical concepts, terms, generalizations, ideas;
  • the essay should contain compelling reasoning for the problem raised.

Narrative Essays

In this type of narrative essay, the student needs to uncover a story in real life. At first glance, it may seem to you that telling a story about some life event is very easy, but this is far from the case. Sometimes students feel a sense of discomfort since not everyone is capable of writing about themselves. 

When writing a narrative essay, a student’s main task is to grab the reader’s attention so that his story inspires someone and makes someone think. This style of the essay must be written in the first person. Thanks to this type, you will learn how to draw up a personal statement in the future. 

If you and most of the students feel discomfort when talking about yourself, you always can buy an essay from our professionals who can build thoughts that will present you in the best possible light.

Descriptive Essays

This type of descriptive essay is associated with a story about a picture, landscape, person. The list does not end there. You can also describe the event, but in more detail and more colorful. This type of essay writing aims to convey the feelings of a writer to readers. With artistic techniques, you can show as you see this or that event, a picture. You do not tell with banal phrases but show with the help of epithets, metaphors, comparisons. 

Expository Essays

The expository essay is an informative text in which the author conducts a detailed analysis of the topic. To successfully write an expository essay, you need to apply facts, statistics, examples, and readers to believe your words. You should also know that this essay combines several varieties, such as the cause and effect essay, process essay, and contrast essay. You do not need to write about your feelings. Just convey the information correctly with the help of evidence and quotation from authoritative sources. Since the style comes in many varieties and needs assistance, you can get help from experts to save time getting ready for delivery.

Persuasive Essays

A persuasive or argumentative essay is a text in which the author expresses his point of view and convinces the reader that she is right. It should be noted that these styles of writing essays are similar, but they differ, so do not confuse them. An argumentative essay needs to create a thesis and support it with arguments. A persuasive essay is created so that you can convince readers of the truth of your thoughts. The most challenging task is to distinguish from and write a persuasive or argumentative essay. 

Expert Tips for Writing the Perfect Essay

So that you are always ready for different essay types and can write them, use the advice of the experts:

  1. Before you start writing, you need to articulate the topic clearly.
  2. To create a good essay, you do not need to invest in many facts, sections, and beautiful literary techniques. One of the main secrets of success is a well-thought-out structure.
  3. When you need to write something right now, there can be a problem called “fear of a blank sheet.” Experiments show that this problem can be solved by using text templates. The idea is simple – it is difficult for a person to write at least a sentence so that the page ceases to be empty.
  4. After overcoming the fear of a blank sheet and writing the text, it is essential to re-read it a couple more times and correct mistakes.

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