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82+ Persuasive Speech Topics to Hook Your Audience

October 22, 2019
Persuasive Speech Topics to Hook Your Audience

Persuasive speech is a type of speech where you, as a speaker, have an important job of convincing your audience that your position on the matter is the right one. The success of your speech depends on many factors, from the structure of the text to the topic of the persuasive speech. However, the content of the speech is still the most important factor that can either make or break the whole thing.

One of the most effective ways to write a good persuasive speech is to pick a topic that is somewhat controversial and that everyone has an opinion about. Your job is to spark a lively discussion, and it’s impossible to do so if you are just going to argue for a known factor something that everyone can agree upon. That is why the topic “We should never let children play with guns” will never work, while “We should control gun sales more” can be successfully discussed in a persuasive speech format.

What are Good Persuasive Speech Topics?

Experienced persuasive speechwriters say that a well-chosen topic accounts for half of the success of the speech. There are many aspects of choosing the right topic for your speech, but two of them are particularly important. One, the topic should match your own interests, so that you are passionate about defending the statement. Two, the topic needs to be appropriate for your audience, so that it could respond to your speech the way you want them to.

If you are struggling with finding the perfect topic for your persuasive speech, we have prepared 82 topics from 8 categories — you will effortlessly find the right one from our list!

Fun Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Skinny jeans are not a good look.
  2. Boys like to gossip as much as girls do.
  3. It’s okay to lie if you’re good at it.
  4. Never believe a woman who says she’ll be ready in 5 minutes.
  5. Interrupting people is alright if you have something important to say.
  6. Be happy just to spite other people.
  7. We should stop saying a baby is 24 months old and start saying she’s 2 years old.
  8. Vegetarians don’t really love animals.
  9. Too many women believe their faces are coloring books.
  10. We should use horoscopes as an excuse for everything.
  11. You can never be too busy for hanging out with your friends.

Persuasive Speech Topics For College Students

  1. Reality shows are just an exploitation of vain people.
  2. We should put more effort into educating prisoners.
  3. Your smartphone is the only device you need.
  4. Poverty rates can be lowered within years.
  5. Student debt is outrageous and we should do something about it.
  6. Long-distance relationships are always doomed.
  7. Community colleges are a viable alternative to regular colleges.
  8. Everyone can be a successful writer.
  9. Keeping a journal is great for your mental health.
  10. High school graduates shouldn’t be pushed into higher education.

Simple Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Bullying is a reason for expelling a student.
  2. Children growing up in two-parent households are mentally healthier.
  3. Children are negatively affected by violent video games.
  4. Dogs are really a man’s best friend.
  5. Celebrities shouldn’t be given lighter punishments for their crimes.
  6. Healthy foods must be made more affordable than fast food.
  7. People should accept aging gracefully.
  8. Paparazzi can qualify as stalkers and should be prosecuted.
  9. Mac OS is superior to Windows.
  10. The genetic design of babies is wrong and needs to be banned.

Good Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Texting and driving are growing threats.
  2. The government needs to encourage recycling more actively.
  3. Not all fairy tales are good for children.
  4. Designer clothes are overpriced and pointless.
  5. We don’t need penny coins anymore.
  6. Unsold food should be donated, not thrown out.
  7. Reusable diapers are better than disposable diapers.
  8. Cooking is one of the most vital life skills.
  9. The homeless should not be paid.
  10. Wearing a seatbelt is the best way to survive when driving.
  11. Teens should contribute financially to the household.
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Advocacy Speech Topics

  1. The fast food industry is to blame for obesity.
  2. We should abolish the death penalty.
  3. Motherhood is a full-time job.
  4. The government isn’t doing enough to stop street gangs.
  5. All couples should try living together before marriage.
  6. Outsourcing is great for a company’s economy.
  7. It’s okay for teachers to communicate with students on social media.
  8. Spanking is physical abuse and should be banned.
  9. Each vote matters in the elections.
  10. Each vote matters in the elections.

Unique Persuasive Speech Topic

  1. People over 50 should not be allowed to adopt children.
  2. All countries need to introduce closed borders.
  3. Racism is far from disappearing from our society.
  4. Bottled water is too expensive and has no real benefits.
  5. Prisons don’t change people for the better.
  6. Coconut oil isn’t as healthy as we thought.
  7. Moms with twins should get twice as much maternal leave.
  8. The UN should be given more power.
  9. Urban life leads to early death.
  10. Fake tan is bad for your health.

Policy Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Nepotism is a real problem in the government.
  2. Music should never be censored.
  3. Every gun purchase needs to be registered.
  4. We need to reduce the defense budget.
  5. Gambling at sporting events should be prohibited.
  6. Immigration policies need to become stronger.
  7. The minimum age for buying tobacco should be increased.
  8. Children who committed murders should be treated as adults.
  9. We should introduce more taxes for the 1%.
  10. Retired people should not be allowed to work.

Call to Action Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Stop giving smartphones to children under 15.
  2. Lower the price of education.
  3. Ban alcohol on planes.
  4. Allow children to pick a parent to live with after the divorce.
  5. Continue decriminalizing marijuana use
  6. Make birth control free and universally available.
  7. Start buying local produce to save local farmers.
  8. Introduce new immigration laws – the old ones don’t work.
  9. Prohibit parents from monitoring their children’s phones.
  10. Stop keeping exotic animals as pets.

How do you Write a Good Persuasive Speech?

good persuasive speech topics for college students

Ready to write your winning persuasive speech? These 5 tips will help:

  • Let your writing flow. The best persuasive speeches follow the structure and flow of a person’s own speech. Don’t pick sentences that are too long or words that are too complicated. Your job is to get the point across, not impress everyone with your vocabulary.
  • Research your topic back and forth. As a persuasive speaker, you need to be 100% informed about your topic. You don’t want an audience member to correct you on the facts or catch you on inconsistencies!
  • Consider the objections your audience may have and how you can rebuff these objections. Even if your listeners won’t voice their objections, you need to make sure that you have successfully rebuffed any possible opposing argument.
  • Be a storyteller. Your audience doesn’t want to hear pure facts; they need a cohesive story that they can relate to. An occasional joke, a real-life anecdote, or an unexpected question to the listeners are all great ways to keep your speech interesting.
  • Finish your speech with a bang. A great conclusion is something your audience will remember for a long time and possibly even cite to their friends. Plus, a strong conclusion increases the chances of the audience agreeing with your points.