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How to Work on Argumentative Essay: Tips for Students

August 12, 2021

Argumentative essay writing is a common practice for students. In short, this is a piece of paper that focuses on a particular problem, poses a question, and supports the thoughts with relevant evidence. The difficulty with the essay is the writing process and the research practice. 

Your opinion isn’t enough to persuade the readers. There should be something more relevant to prove the ideas and convince the audience. Good reasoning accompanied with straightforward facts will make your voice heard. Let’s see how to write essays faster and make them sound professional. 

Argumentative Essay: What to Write About?

When you have to manage an argumentative essay, you are supposed to take a stance. Your major task as a writer is to convince the readers that your idea is worth reading about. By staying clear facts and presenting well-developed research, you should convince the audience of the correctness of your thoughts. This is a common issue for students to work on argumentative writing. However, there are still many of you who don’t know how to properly work with the subject. 

When you’ve decided on the topic, you should choose the way to state the position for the readers. There are 5 basic ways you can introduce the ideas in the text. 

  • First off, you may state if the idea is true or false. 
  • State the importance of the paper. 
  • Define the problem if it has any proper vocabulary definitions. 
  • Present causes and effects to make it sound more convincing.
  • Should the reader care about the issue? 

By following these simple tips, you will get better at your argumentative thesis writing. 

Argumentative Paper Types: How Do You Differentiate between Them

When writing a paper, you should follow a particular pattern. When it comes to argumentative essay writing, you will work with 3 basic ways of presenting the data. 

  • The first one is a classical type. Your task is to introduce the argument and present a personal opinion. The following step is to convince the reader why your ideas are worth their attention. This way of presenting the info is the simplest way to persuade the audience. The information isn’t scattered in the text and is easily perceived by the readers. 
  • Toulmin is the next method where you offer the major claim and present the reasons for it. The final step is to justify the correctness of the claim by linking it with the presented grounds. But pay attention to the fact that this method mostly accentuates one side of the problem. 
  • Rogerian presents the issue and discusses the opposing thought. Then you need to introduce your personal opinion and explain your thoughts. 

If you find it difficult to alternate all these methods, you may buy essay online and get expert help from experienced writers. Some writers choose one of the methods, while others combine these types and use a hybrid version. Although, it isn’t always a good and beneficial idea for the readers. 

Time to Outline the Paper Correctly: 4 Main Steps

If you want the essay to sound good, you should ensure a correct structure. The more structured your paper is, the better it is for the readers. Your goal is to refer to the issue and give a clear outline of the problem. How should you structure the paper so that it sounds to the point? 

  1. The first thing is to include a good introductory paragraph. In the first section of the paper, you need to tell the topic and insert some background information for the readers. This is an obvious step to make your writing sound clear to the audience. Not all of them are familiar with the current topic. Don’t forget to insert the evidence that you will discuss further. 
  2. Now you have to state the argument. What is it? In short, it is a summary of the whole paper. This is your strongest position present in every part of the paper. 
  3. The next part is writing clear body paragraphs. In the essay, there should be 2 or 3 paragraphs each with its topical sentence. As a writer, you should include different supportive material in each section to make it structured. Look for vivid examples and statistics. Refer to different studies and proper citations. To make it even more useful for the reader, you may refer to opposing viewpoints. The way you defend your position will make the reader more convinced in the clarity of your thoughts. 
  4. Time to finish the paper with a lasting paraphrase. Writing a conclusion is a complex summarization practice. Your task lies in need to restate the main thesis and refer to each of the arguments. You shouldn’t refer to some new facts but better appeal to the readers with a call to action. Ask for questions and feedback. 

The structure is the backbone of the paper. Without a clear text organization, you will hardly render the key ideas to the readers. 

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Tips to Effectively Write an Argumentative Paper Thesis

Writing a thesis is a major task. This is the beginning of the text, and it bears the main facts about the topic. Your summary is the backbone of the paper and should be written to the point. To prime the readers and render the key thought concisely, make sure to get familiar with the following tips:

  • The primary thing is to pose a question. You won’t be able to discuss the topic properly if you don’t ask the relevant question. It has to be inserted at the beginning of the text. You may either use it in the topic or insert it in the first sentences of the paper. It is an intriguing way to communicate with the readers and present the idea in the paper.
  • State and refute. This process is effective in terms of communication with the audience. When you offer contrasting ideas but manage to support them, the readers start to believe your words and professional writing competence. 
  • You should also refer to the key points of the paper. By listing at least some of the key elements, you may interest the reader and prime better to the reading practice. 
  • Reread the thesis at the end of the paper. Did you manage to render the basic ideas in the paper? Should anything be changed? You can always adjust your thesis statement to the final text version. So, it is always a good idea to reread the thesis when the paper is done to make some changes when needed. 

You may think that working on the thesis statement is hard work, but with the above-mentioned tips, it will be a piece of cake for you. 

Final Words

Providing sound arguments is easy when you have the plan. This article is supposed to help you make your writing process more structured. You won’t find it difficult to work with the arguments and look for evidence when you follow a coherent plan. 

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