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How to Write a Case Study: Definition & Useful Tips

April 28, 2020
Case Study: Definition & Useful Tips

The case study is an analysis of a person, group, decision, period, event, policy, organization, or other types of systems, which are studied using a variety of methods in order to explore the causes, effects, and phenomenon of the issue.

By right, case study analysis is considered one of the most difficult and challenging academic assignments because apart from imagination and writing skills, it requires time, ability to research and analyzes, and genuine interest in the issue. It is different from other paper types due to the depth and the quantity of discussed details.

WriteMyPapers4Me writers have created this article to help students worldwide solve the problem of writing such an assignment. Today we’ll tell you how to craft a great case study analysis with ease. Just go on reading to get familiar with all the details below!

Case Study Analysis – What to Expect

The case study can be both: analysis method and research design to explore an issue and process findings coming up with your own solution or conclusion. As we have already discussed, a case study analysis examines a wide range of topics: people, places, events, concepts, etc. This approach helps in making predictions, highlighting hidden patterns, and allowing us to understand the problem deeper.

The point of writing a case study is to help students develop analytical and critical thinking skills, to choose a topic and cover it in a structured and detailed way. This assignment teaches how to search for sources, apply different formatting styles, and present findings in a clear and understandable manner.

But before we explain how to do a case study, let’s introduce you to the four main types of creating such an assignment:

  • Exploratory, which investigates the issue;
  • cumulative that compares collected data or opposing views;
  • illustrative – description of events;
  • critical, which aims to explore the topic analyzing its causes and effects.

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Writing a Case Study Paper: Preparation

It may sound boring, but to write a case study that you can be proud of, it’s important to approach the preparation stage with all seriousness. Here are a few stages that you should follow to get started:

  1. Read the case attentively and choose the study type. You will be surprised, but in half of the cases, the solution to a case study lies in the question. After determining the sphere, it’s necessary to choose the type. For example, corporations should choose illustrative studies, while educators – cumulative ones;
  2. choose the topic of your case study writing. Pick an issue and choose where it will take place (the case site). Head to the library or go to the Internet and start exploring the issue as much as you can. You may find tons of irrelevant data, but there will surely be a few valuable arguments that will make the core of your future research;
  3. read examples of other studies on a similar topic. First of all, they may help you to understand what questions should be highlighted or which issues have been covered perfectly well, and there’s no need to discuss them again. In addition, you can familiarize yourself with a common study structure and the paragraphs it should contain.

Now, when you know what a case study paper is and what stages you should follow to get started, it’s the right time to discuss every stage of the writing process. So, make yourself comfortable and continue reading!

How to Write a Case Study Step-by-Step

Unfortunately, the case study paper is not the most common assignment, and many students find it difficult to understand the task and include all the necessary elements. Unlike essays, these studies are deeper and base on solid evidence and research.

Thus, we are often asked how to structure a case study. Below you’ll find a step-by-step guideline on what elements each of the sections should contain. With our quick but comprehensive tutorial, you’ll surely know how a case study should look like.


This section usually occupies 10% of the whole paper and consists of several paragraphs. Start with identifying the key problem you are willing to solve throughout the study. If the topic allows, you can give some details about yourself. Finish the introduction with a thesis statement, which will reflect all arguments of the future study.

In case you don’t know the main idea of the assignment, complete the introduction when the rest of the paragraphs are written.

Background Data

At this stage, students need to present interesting facts, relevant issues, and explain to readers what the background of the topic is. For example, if studying a certain person, you should also write about the time and the circumstances that shaped him. When writing on a certain historical event, it’s necessary to explain its premises.

This section doesn’t have to be long or watery – just a few paragraphs with clear and straightforward data: facts, statistics, figures, etc.


To give a comprehensive and clear data, your case study analysis should contain arguments of both sides. You can later reject them or let the readers decide which one is true and which is false. Just try to stay objective because this assignment is about facts and truth, and not about your own thoughts on the issue.


At this stage, you need to pick a topic’s solution and explain it to the reader. Remember, your solution should always be based on accepted theoretical concepts, facts, and results of the research. Remember, quotes and cited information should follow the required case study format and style.


Finally, you need to offer strategies to achieve the solution and provide a plan for future actions. This section can also act as a conclusion and summarize all the findings you have indicated in the central part of the study.

Don’t forget to interlink your thesis with recommendations and close the study with a call-to-action or a motivational phrase to interest the audience in future research.

How to Format a Case Study

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to write a case study in order to get a good grade. All tutors pay attention to proper usage of formatting styles, so students should devote extra time to following rules of the required style.
Each college and university have its own rules on formatting, but most often, students are asked to use MLA or APA. These styles concern quotes and citations, the structure of the paper, and even how-to number pages correctly.

Actually, formatting is not less important than understanding what is case analysis and has a big share in the final grade of your work.

Common Mistakes of a Case Analysis Paper

he best way to get a high grade for your work is to avoid the typical mistakes students make when working on such a study. They are:

  • Using unreliable facts. If the data is incorrect or comes from poor sources, the tutor may ask you to rewrite everything anew;
  • using outdated information. It’s easier to find old sources than fresh ones, so some students decide to cheat and include data that is ten or even 20 years old;
  • repeating data from other studies. Thus, your arguments and recommendations won’t be original and useful;
  • absence of structure. This paper is rather difficult to master, so you should make the study clear and easy to read. Following a chronological order and a clear structure will be of great help;
  • not understanding the topic. If you don’t understand the subject, it’s impossible to translate it to the audience;
  • poor vocabulary and lack of language skills;
  • not having a clear goal. Your research paper should prepare you for real-life conditions.
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Write a Case Study with Ease

The main goal of writing case studies is to teach scholars how to find, analyze, and structure information on a given issue that can be later used in real life. When writing this assignment, you should always rely on facts and fresh sources, make notes, and listen to your inner voice, remaining clear and original.

Here are the most frequently asked questions you may have on the issue:

What is the format of a case study analysis?


Every college has its own requirements, but usually, MLA and APA formatting styles are used. You can find official guidelines with examples and use them to format your own study.

What is included in a case study?


The content of a study may vary from one institution to another. However, the basic structure includes such elements as an introduction, background data, alternatives, solution, and recommendations. Don’t forget about an abstract to summarize the paper.

How is a case study written?


A case study is written like any other assignment: with full devotion and attention to the slightest details. If you have doubts, don’t be afraid to contact your teacher or a professional case study writing service.

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