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Learn How to Get High School Transcripts with Us

September 9, 2021

Are you planning to apply for a new well-paid job? Do you want to get to college and opt for a new course? You may have different reasons and cases when a transcript with your grades is needed. The commission or board will ask you to have your transcripts converted into documents. 

Our guide will give you a clear picture of the high school transcript. Let’s first start with the definition to help you get the idea better. And then move on to some practical tips to convert to grades. 

High School Transcript: Definition and Importance

What should you know about the transcripts? It is a specific task that is more than an essay about yourself writing. This is a record of your grades from high school. To be true, it is more than a list of grades. It constitutes the list of all your accomplishments, courses, and grades. The number of lists equates to the number of schools you attended. Why do you need a transcript? There are 3 basic reasons why you may want to find a transcript from school:

  • The first reason is the college application. When you send your application to a higher educational institution, you are supposed to provide the board with a list of your accomplishments from the previous place of study. It is an obligatory step for many colleges that are going to accept your application. 
  • When you want to change schools, you will have to send a transcript. Why is it necessary? The institution must ensure you meet their requirements and will keep up with the tasks. If your grades are too low, your application will be rejected. 
  • In many cases, employers may ask you to show the transcript. It relates to the cases when you apply for a job right after school. Or if your future position correlates with your previous classes in school and may affect the choice. 

As you can see, the number of possible cases is quite wide. You may need a transcript for so many different reasons, so it is better to know what are the ways to manage all the paperwork correctly. 

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Official and Unofficial Transcript Versions

There are 2 basic ways you may present your transcript. What is the difference between the two of them? When you deal with the official version, you have a specific mark on it, and the paper is usually sealed in the document or sent via the department. However, both of the documents contain the same information about your academic performance. 

What version of the transcript do colleges need? In most cases, you will have to send an official version. The information is often sent by the school, and you have no access to the document. If you open the official transcript, it has no more power as an official document. What should you know when you request the transcript? 

This is your task to specify what kind of paper version you need. Since you have 2 alternatives, you must include a specification so that the school knows which one to send. If you send an inappropriate variant, the receiving party won’t accept it. You should also take into account the time needed to create an official transcript. It will take longer than an unofficial variant. So, make sure to learn the details and request beforehand not to miss the necessary deadlines. 

Time to Request the Transcript Correctly

The procedure may differ depending on 3 different situations. We will discuss each of them to make it clear to you which approach to take. 

Are you Enrolled in the School?

Let’s take the first option. This is the easiest one. When you attend school, it is quite easy to request a transcript. You should follow these steps to manage the procedure:

  • First off, you need to request a copy from the office. Go to the office, take your ID card and tell them that you need a copy. 
  • If you don’t have the chance to visit the office on your own, you should write to the workers and ask for a copy. 
  • Sometimes, a third party is engaged in the process. But it happens in rare cases. 

As you can see, the procedure is quite easy when you attend school. It doesn’t need any extra tasks so that everything takes less time. And remember, when you don’t know how to manage this type of essay, you can order our admission essay writing service and enjoy the result! 

Aren’t You Enrolled in School?

This is also a common situation. You may change the school or finish it, but still need a transcript. If this is your case, you should first visit the website of the necessary school. What regulations do they have about the transcripts? Who has the right to obtain it, and what is the procedure? If you can’t find the necessary info on the student’s service page, you are free to call the school office. The department will advise you on the procedure and tell you all the necessary guidelines. 

Can’t Find the Website of the School? 

This is the third case which is also quite common these days. It often happens that schools close down, and you no longer have access to it. The school may also have no digital page online. What should you do in this case? First of all, it is necessary to send the request to the district. It must include information about the students from all the district schools if the institution has been closed down. Can’t find the info? Another option is to contact the Department of Education in your state. 

Do you need to cover the fee or pay anything to get the transcript? In some cases, the institution may charge the students some money to cover the expenses on the services. However, it isn’t a common tendency. And students aren’t always forced to pay. 

Last Words

Looking for high school transcripts is a challenging task. You may need it for different reasons. The procedure isn’t always the easiest one because sometimes it may ask for several steps instead of one. However, everything is easier with a simple guide. We have covered the most common issues a student may face when looking for high school transcripts.