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Time to Format the Essay Correctly: Simple Rules to Follow

August 6, 2021

Formatting is one of the most important stages of academic writing. When you want to complete an excellent paper without mistakes, you should be well aware of how to complete a flawless article in the proper format. Be sure, a correct essay format is obligatory for your excellent piece of writing. Students should know the main requirements of an assigned format style and the best ways to complete perfect writing projects. is an experienced online writing agency that offers professional writing help. And the essay format is such challenging task students always struggle with. If you know little about the formatting details, you should learn what tips to follow. 

What is Essay Format and Why It is So Important?

An essay format is a set of guidelines that define the proper structure and content of a paper. In short, it describes how an essay should be arranged. There is always a series of requirements you must follow to complete a perfect essay. Moreover, there is also a standard format you must follow properly. Usually, it covers the main structural components of an essay, certain details of its reference list, additional components like abstract and outline, etc. In addition, format guidelines include detailed information about title page parameters and citations. 

Assuring a proper essay format is quite a complicated issue. Moreover, you should be very attentive when organizing your works. Good formatting assures a proper structure and content, together with workable connections between the main and additional elements. Your writings must look quite attractive and interesting for the reader. Therefore, every essay should be arranged properly. When you read a paper where every important element like introduction, thesis statement, main arguments, and conclusions are properly organized, it gets easier to understand the main message of your work.

What is Standard Essay Format?

When you deal with essay formatting, be careful to check every detail. You must provide a good title page, assure a proper structure, text capitalization, various citations, etc. It is also important to know how to use hook sentences. If you want to assure an accurate format, be ready to check our writing guides carefully and use the presented tips.

Be aware that when you have an essay with MLA or APA format, you must first check carefully the list of special requirements before formatting a written piece. Thus, be careful about every detail to submit a flawless article. Moreover, you can check the following step-by-step guide to prepare a remarkable piece.

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How to Structure Your Essay?

Would you like to learn the best essay structure example? You may learn how to make an essay longer if you follow correct formatting guidelines. Here you have one. If you follow this list, you won’t get lost in the topic and in-depth discussion. 

Topic. The topic goes first. You can’t start writing an essay without a well-developed name for the paper. 

Introduction. The introduction is next. It consists of several sections: 

  • Hook sentences are supposed to interest the reader. 
  • Background info will tell the readers more about the key subject. 
  • The thesis statement will generalize the information described in the text. 

Body paragraphs. This is the most informative essay part that portrays the examples and helps the writer to convince the readers. In most cases, you need 2-3 paragraphs with the same structure: 

  • The topic sentence goes first. You should introduce the topic of the paragraph to the reader. 
  • An example is the next part. You should justify your position or provide the reader with the necessary supporting data. 
  • The Concluding sentence is a nice finish for the paragraph. It will serve either as a transitive element or a conclusive touch to the section.

Conclusion. It is the last structural element of the essay. 

  • A summary comes first. 
  • Call to action is also a critical part of the work. 

How to Format an Essay: 3 Main Styles

There are different formats. The most common are MLA and APA styles. Sometimes you may also work with the Chicago formatting styles. Each of the styles has different characteristics that every student should follow. Let’s take a closer look at these peculiarities to manage essay writing at a more professional level. 

MLA Formatting Style 

The title page consists of several structural elements:

  • First, you insert your full name.
  • The next lies in the name of the supervisor. 
  • Make sure to insert the course name underneath. 
  • Don’t forget about the date of the task. 

When you work on the title, you should capitalize it properly. 

Margins. Here you deal with a standardized rule. All the margins should be the same, and they are 1 inch. Make sure the text is left-justified. 

Spacing. When it comes to spacing, you should approach a double-spacing format. 

Font. When you set the font, you should consider a 12-point text. You may use different fonts, but make sure the reader can identify where you use a regular text and where an italicized option is used. 

Page numbers. The header is paramount for page numbers. What do you need to include here? It must contain both the number to the page and the last name of the writer with space. 

Footnotes. They usually appear at the bottom of the page. You must use a double space to insert the notes after the text. 

Bibliography. The basic rule is to start the bibliography on a separate piece of paper. Don’t italicize the title. There’s no need to leave spaces between the entries. But make sure to introduce double space for all the citations.

APA Formatting Style

Title Page. When you choose an APA format, you should include the following elements:

  • Title of the paper. 
  • Necessary names.
  • Don’t forget about the author’s note. 
  • You need to add the name, of course, the instructor, and the date of the deadline. 

The title should be placed in the upper part of the page. 

Margins. When we talk about the margins, you should strive for the same 1-inch margins on all sides. 

Spacing. When you choose a standardized size of the paper, you should apply double space for the whole text. To make the text readable, make sure to use 12 pt. 

Font. When it comes to fonts, the rules request a legible font that will be applied for the whole paper. 

Page number. You should put all the numbers on top of the page, specifically in the right corner. You should start from the title page, though it may contradict common academic guidelines. 

Footnotes. You should resort to footnotes when there’s a vivid necessity. No punctuation, except for a dash, is accepted. 

Bibliography. When you follow an APA format, you should name this section as References. The text must be double-spaced and has a running head. Don’t forget about the page number, too. 

Chicago Formatting Style 

Title Page. Let’s see what building blocks are present when you work with the Chicago formatting style:

  • You need to center the title and put it highway down. 
  • Under the title, there must be your name. 
  • The name of the course and your supervisor is to be found at the bottom. 

You will often need to resort to the full title page. 

Margins. The rule is simple. You should apply a 1-inch margin for every side of the paper. 

Spacing. When it comes to spacing, you should stick to a regular rule and choose double spacing. 

Font. Chicago style isn’t strict when it comes to fonts. You need to opt for a readable option and choose a 12 pt. 

Page numbers. Here you will deal with the same rule that you have with the margins. You should apply a 1-inch margin for the page numbers. Make sure to include one inch from the edge in all cases. 

Footnotes. This formatting style uses footnotes as a direct reference to the info used in the text. The number of citations should be ordered. 

Bibliography. When you cite the sources, you should put the author’s name first and follow it with the name of the paper. There must also be more publication details. 

Title PageYour full nameThe name of the supervisor The name of the course The date of the taskTitleThe name of the authorThe name of the institutionThe author noteName of coursePut the text of the title in the centerInclude your name under the title Include the name of the supervisor and course name at the bottom 
Margins 1-inch margin for all sides1-inch margin for all sides1-inch margin for all sides 
Spacing Double spacingDouble spacingDouble spacing 
Font12 point text Readable font Readable font for the whole textItalicized and regular text is to be easily identifiedLegible font 12 pt
Page NumbersIn the header, include the last name of the writer, a space and a number of the pageOn top of the pageIn the right corner Start from the Title Page1-inch margin
Footnotes Double spacing No punctuation Dash is accepted Page numbers should be ordered correctly 
Bibliography On a separate page No spaces between the entriesReferencesDouble spacing Running head Name of the author comes first Then you put the name of the paper Then come the details of the publication history 

Let’s Structure the Paper Together

When you work on the essay, you need to follow a particular structure. There are clear rules that every writer should follow. What are they? Let’s consider the necessary structural challenges for writers:

  • First, you start with the introduction. It consists of several building components. You start with the hook to draw the attention of the readers. Then you talk a bit about the topic, its importance, and the specificity of choice. And you finish it with the thesis statement. 
  • The next section is the body paragraphs. They contain the most information about the paper. You need to choose 2 or 3 most influential ideas and describe them carefully in the text. Dedicate a se[arate paragraph to each idea. Start with the topical sentence, then more to the examples, and finish it off with a conclusive or transitive statement. 
  • The last part is the conclusion. Here, your task summarizes the information and reminds the reader of all the necessary ideas from the whole text. You may also resort to some CTA variations. Is it a call to action, and it makes readers more inspired about the topic? 

This is a basic structure that features main essay paper components. You should be quite consistent when it comes to structuring. But there’s nothing complicated, both for devoted writers and beginners. 

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