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How to Write a Presentation Speech: Speech Writing Tips to Win Any Audience

August 22, 2019

Even if you think that it won’t happen to you, believe us, it will…Sooner or later you will be asked to write a presentation speech when studying or working. Public speaking is rather a complicated experience, but exciting as well for many people. Hence, if you want your audience to like your speech, you will have to prepare in advance. The perfect speech should be persuasive, motivating, and of course, informative.

You should know, however, that presenting a speech is not as difficult as it seems to be. You only will need to take into account several tips and pieces of advice. Don’t worry because we are here to help you with your speech.

It is worth mentioning that to write a great speech seems to be easier than actually presenting your speech. Partially, this is true because you won’t sweat or your voice will not tremble, trying to draw the attention of the audience.

Therefore, our guide will be practical for you because here you will find typical mistakes, tips for writing a speech, and topics for speech. Sounds interesting?

The Main Types of a Speech Paper

Actually, there are several types of speeches. Let’s review them.

  • Pop Culture Speech This is such a speech assignment where you can speak about popular culture events. For speech example, it might be President Trump’s inaugural speech or Tiger Wood’s apology speech. One of the purposes of such a speech is to show social importance and significance. Try to evoke the same emotion as the speaker did.
  • Demonstration Speech The main target of this speech is to educate people to do a certain thing, explain how something works or how to create something. The topic should be interesting and exciting to listen to. Use visual aids for this speech because they will really help you to explain the topic when speaking.
  • Informative Speech The choice of the topic for this assignment is unlimited. We recommend to select the one you are personally interested in or you feel the audience is unaware of. Provide the audience with a new perspective on some phenomenon or look at it from a different angle. Describe the advantages and disadvantages, summarizing history. Present objective facts without being persuasive.
  • Persuasive Speech The main purpose of this speech assignment is to persuade the audience to take your opinion. For that, state the facts and statistics clearly so that they will convince and support your thesis statement. Make your speech stronger by disclosing of the opposite point of view, appealing to beliefs. However, discredit the opposing opinion at the end. Use visual aids as much as you can to strengthen your arguments.
  • Entertaining Speech Probably, you have heard of stand-up comedians, haven’t you? These are people who present their speeches in a fun and humorous way, and even earn money for it. Making people laugh is such a complicated thing so you will have to prepare your jokes in advance precisely and thoroughly. However, sometimes it might be impromptu so don’t get too serious about it.

15 Easy Steps to Write a Great Speech

Speech preparation is not complicated if you have a guide on how to do it. Here are the main steps to keep you confident when public speaking:

  1. Choose an interesting topic It’s not only you to be interested in the topic, but your audience as well. Select one of the good speech ideas you or your audience finds enjoyable.
  2. Set a goal Write a speech down, specifying what purpose you are going to achieve. You should know exactly what you want your audience to do. Keep it in focus as you move through the preparation process.
  3. Focus on the audience Preparing a written speech, you should concentrate on your audience as much as it is possible to keep them interested and involved. Elaborate the ways of how to make the information memorable and relevant to your audience.
  4. Know your subject Sometimes you will have to make a lot of research when sometimes the only thing you need to do is to reflect the ideas you already have on paper.
  5. Collect the information You should be ready for the speech. So you will have to do a lot of broad research. Also, you may ask an expert to reveal their opinion about a certain issue.
  6. No plagiarism allowed Make your speech fresh and genuine. Use only credible and reliable sources. Keep track in order to cite your resources properly.
  7. Write an outline Planning is the background of each good speech. Make sure you included all the main points to your outline.
  8. Make sure all the parts are present Each good speech should begin with the Introduction, which is followed by the Main Body, and Conclusion.
  9. Choose visual aids Visual aids are necessary components of a good speech because they help the audience better understand you.
  10. Utilize PowerPoint You may include various photos, cards, diagrammes, videos, etc. into your PowerPoint presentation to help to better persuade the audience.
  11. Use verbs and active voice Writing a speech, it is better to empower your speech with verbs and calls to action. Use a minimum of nouns.
  12. Place a complex word at the end of the sentence If you put a complex word in the beginning, you will lose your audience because they will focus on this word first. However, if you put it in the end, they will have more time to understand it.
  13. Choose concrete phrases Writing a speech, do not be carried away with thought and avoid roundabouts in order not to sound suspicious.
  14. Use shorter expressions If you use shorter phrases, your speech will be more understood and persuasive, writing a speech.
  15. Maintain eye contact, being a speaker Keeping the audience’s attention is not the easiest thing to do, you know. Try to keep eye contact with each member of the audience to make them persuaded with your speech.
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How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation for a Win Speech

Don’t worry, even the shyest person in the world is able to get to know how to write a good speech and present it, of course, if they prepare in advance. If you use such a computer program as PowerPoint, it will be even more simply.

  1. Greet the audience and make a small introduction of yours. Before you begin to present your speech, being a speaker, tell your audience your name and your field of expertise. It is one of the good ways to start a speech. It shouldn’t take a long time and is unnecessary to be too detailed as the main purpose of doing it is to create a connection between you and your audience. It helps to build relationships and clarify why it is beneficial to listen to you. In such a way, you will increase the level of credibility to you, making the audience trust you.
  2. Introduction. Try to make your audience interested in your speech, being a speaker. For that, you should clarify the purpose of your speech and explain its subject. You should state the main problems that you will be exploring. Provide the listeners with a possible outcome of your presentation. The next thing is to illustrate the preview of your presentation structure, explaining the length of the speech. The time from writing to speech shouldn’t be long.
  3. Main body. The promises you made in the previous part should be met in the eyes of a listener. Organize each element of your speech in a logical order to help your audience better understand it. You may use transitional words and phrases to make the flow of your speech be more smoothly and naturally. Make sure the main claims are revealed one by one with a piece of evidence, supporting them. Include a summary each time you move to the next point of your speech. Produce clear messages to your audience in this part.
  4. Conclusion. In this part, you should summarize your main claims, revealed in the main body. Before doing this, signal the audience that you are wrapping up. The next step is to restate the subject and target of your presentation. The last, but not least section of the conclusion is to make a call to action.
  5. Thank the audience. Be grateful to your audience for their time and invite them to ask questions, if they have. In case you do not have any questions from your audience, you will understand whether everything is clear or nothing is clear at all.

Writing a Presentation or Speech: Professional Help

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